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Bread & Butter Lyrics – Wazir Patar

Bread & Butter Lyrics  - Wazir Patar

Bread & Butter Lyrics – Wazir Patar, is punjabi song sung by Wazir Patar and Raja Kumari from album ‘Street Knowledge’. Music of song ‘Bread & Butter’ given by Wazir Patar, while lyrics of song ‘Bread & Butter’ written by Manna Shahkot and Raja Kumari

Bread & Butter Lyrics

Yo, Wazir! Tell ’em where you from, man!

Nit raat de hanereyaan’ ‘ch, murder hove

Pichhe paise de, ja bread ate butter hove

Jitt jigre di, bhaave muhre muscle hove (Burhhhhha)

Munde hood de ne, chahunde nit hi hustle hove

Ho West Side, gang sign, jithe Wazir hove (Wazir hove)

Kive sutna aa (Yo yo yo)

Saazish hove (La la la la)

Tera shehar kare, kehar navi

Jatt ‘te hove

Ho, Mack-10 unlock laga hip ‘te hove (Hip ‘tе hove)

Saade paid, labhan vair

Jithe bhanak hovе (Bhanak hove)

Na boose, na trip

Kalli anakh hove (Anakh hove!)

Chade Noor, nahi illahi

Ammo west out ‘te (West out ‘te)

Never leave, half-dead

Jithe harakh hove (Harakh hove)

Manna likhda aa, sach

Bhora darr na hove (Dar na na na)

Step manjalaan’ ‘te, aukhe-saukhe chad’na hove (na na na) (Burhhhhha)

Gun smoke, blood scan

Saade baaneyan’ utte (baaneyan’ utte) use karde ne

Saade jeha ban na hove (Ho kithe)

Ah ah ah ah

Ya ya ya

Punjabi to LA

I’m the alleys

Pick on the door, blindfold, no witness

Pull black killa

Gang o’ Guarilia

I got angels in my city, I’m the one

And they do this for fun

So I ain’t the one

King in my town

And he never back down

Sidhu told me “Never run!”

Real from the fake

Make no mistake

This ain’t a gang, that’ll be hell to play

If you play with a ❲?❳

We pull in your car

I can do hot, when the temperature change

❲?❳ and brotha

Don’t end in the ❲?❳

What you say?

Song Details

Song – Bread & Butter
Singer – Wazir Patar and Raja Kumari
Music – Wazir Patar
Lyrics – Manna Shahkot and Raja Kumari
Album – Street Knowledge
Label – Wazir Patar


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