Sidhu Moosewala

410 Lyrics – Sidhu Moose Wala | Sunny Malton

410 Lyrics - Sidhu Moose Wala | Sunny Malton

410 Lyrics – Sidhu Moose Wala | Sunny Malton


Its 4:10, I’m on the 410 

Me and my dawg just made a fortune 

This time I want it all not a portion 

It’s 4:10, I’m on the 410

(Sunny Malton Verse)

Welcome to the Region of Peel, it’s getting scary 

I been on road for the cheese I love dairy 

I been screaming fuck the opps I know they hear me

I been grippin on my steel, fuck if they fear me

Don’t die playing superman, you ain’t Clark Kent 

Motherfuckers thought I died but I ain’t start yet 

Where I’m from, it’s no face no case

You can get your top lit up, like you sitting in a Wraith

I’m nasty, got hits like that homie from Degrassi

My homies in the front, with two bitches in the backseat 

Paparazzi harass me, shit getting flashy 

All my homies down to ride, just like a taxi 

Malton da munda, Brampton ch gunda 

On the 410 gaddiya de vich hunda 

Bumping 2pac gallan lokaan di na suna 

I don’t listen to you peasants man, I do what I wanna 

Jatt kaim aa, sadda time aa

Vaeri rehnda satho dekh seham seham aa 

Dekh aukha saddi gallan nu hai sehna 

Faida chakk bhajje naam ni main lena 

Look at me now, hun oh dekh 

Sippin champagne like I know Drake

Tension ni lende par krde aa chill 

Brampton aake dekhli rakhde ni dhill

(Sidhu Moose Wala Verse)

410 b-town gaddi hauli hauli jave 

Chobar plaze vich gede kddi jave 

Ring ring ring utto phone bjji jave 

Phone te Toronto ikk naddi saddi jave 

Laal laal akhaan aala gehra hoi janda 

Jive jive ambraan te nehra hoi janda 

Chobar di kalli kalli budak di naad 

Loka bhaa de hun ta savera hoi janda 

Diggi ch draco aa te dhaun vich killa 

Brampton bigde hoye jatta da ya tilla

Kaale sheehse bass nal hunde vibrate 

Kaali kaali gadi vich vjje Ankhila 

Kill kill kill eh aa killera da time 

Real hustle baby eh ni feelra da time 

Dope bann bann ke na sadkaa te ghum 

Its 4:10 baby eh aa dealra da time 

Stop sign te v gaddi hundi ni stop 

License plate dekh lukde ne opp 

Pullover karne de chakkra ch poore 

Jatt nal bahle obsessed ne cop 

Bhalde aa saale meri gaddi cho crack 

Steeles Mclaughlin ton krde track 

Ehna de te mere bass vision ch gap 

Main easy money kehnda te eh kehnde aa black


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