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Streetwise Lyrics – Wazir Patar

Streetwise Lyrics  - Wazir Patar

Streetwise Lyrics – Wazir Patar, is punjabi song sung by Wazir Patar. Music of song ‘Streetwise’ given by Wazir Patar, while lyrics of song ‘Streetwise’ written by Roop Bhullar

Streetwise Lyrics

Yo, Wazir! Tell ’em where you from, man!

Ho, matt’an ne doongiy’an (Ha ha, woo)

Akh’an ne khuli’an

Ho, chup ne bulli’an (Bap)

Kam ne bolde (Burrhhh, burrhhh)

Hikk’an ne kholde

Ho, vairi nu rolde

Ho, charche ne jor de

West Side ne (West Side!)

Death ride ne

Sharp mind ne

Street wise ne

Kittab’an to’n sikhe ni

Sach hi likhe ni

Jameer’an to’n vike ni (Never!)

Shateer’an to’n tikhe ni

❲?❳ saanjhe ni (*beep*)

Ho, Mirje te Ranjhe ni

Ishq ne maaje ni

Ankh’an to’n vaanjhe ni

Saanu na bhaunde ni

Ho jurt’an na’ jaunde ni (Respеct!)

Ankh’an vi launde ni (Woo)

Maut hi gaunde ni

Nature dе kaale ni

Shaunk jo paale ni (Yeah)

Shaunk jo paale ni (What’chu want, guh?)

Shaunk jo paale ni (What’chu want, man?)

Shaunk jo paale ni (We got it all!)

I’m from the man, with the Crips, ’til they cease in the sky (Got it all!)

Desi munde and gangland, how’d you survive? (Ha ha ha ha)

They please ❲?❳, I said ❲?❳

Put the money in my fuckin’ hair, before I shoot

Grew up on Eazy-E, Snoop, ‘Pac, and Dre

❲?❳ N.W.A

Meant to relevation, we goin’ day-to-day

Kali Denali, when you over if you stand in a way

I never trust a cretaceous, so rest the teachers

Hustle kiya din-raat, kaam kiya kheech kar

Who’s in the streets? Maine bachpan se seekha

Jo bhi maine dekha, apne geet’on me’n likha

Maa ko kya pata tha, tera son would be a G

Kaali ghadi, kaale kutte, California’s where we’ve been

Private jet, land in Mohali, handle busy CHD

Old school Mercedes Benz, I’m a Wazir on the beat!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Wazir bhai, you know what it is, man

It’s that worldwide domination, man

They didn’t know that the brown skin was about to come around and run things, y’know?

We didn’t done things ha!

You know they scared of us, man

Because they wasn’t prepared to deal with this shi’, damn

They didn’t know that Desis gon’ run this shi’, man

Brown boys, yeah we run the world, yeah

Brown boys, yeah we run the world, yeah

Brown boys, that I hire to girl, man

Brown boys, yeah we run the world, huh

Gangsters, niggas

They gangsters


Stay Desi, they gangsters

Gangsters, they stay Desi, on them gangsters

West Side, muthaphukka!

Wazir in the hood!

Song Details

Song – Streetwise
Singer – Wazir Patar
Music – Wazir Patar
Lyrics – Roop Bhullar
Album – Street Knowledge
Label – Wazir Patar


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