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Raza Lyrics – Hardeep Grewal

Raza Lyrics  - Hardeep Grewal

Raza Lyrics – Hardeep Grewal, is punjabi song sung by Hardeep Grewal. Music of song ‘Raza’ given by R Guru, while lyrics of song ‘Raza’ written by Hardeep Grewal

Raza Lyrics

teri raza ch rehke main khushian maana,

ter raza ch rehke main khud nu pachana,

teri raza ch buneya ae sara taana baana,

teri raza ch rehke jaana kidhr nu jaana,

teri raza je hove tan subah uth javan,

teri raza na hove tan sutta tur javan,

teri raza de naal maana dhuppan te shaavan,

teri raza nal ann da main dana muh paava,

ho teri raza de sadke main javan sau sau vari,

teri raza ch har saza lagge barhi piyari,

teri raza je miley phull reteyan ch khile,

teri raza nal gal lag door hon giley,

teri raza nirali aavan banke sawali,

teri raza nal dar aaya gya nahio khali,

teri raza na hove boyea beej vi na futte,

teri raza je hoje dukh zindagi de tutte,

teri raza je hoje mukke joon ae chorasi,

teri raza ton bina rooh tadfe piyasi,

teri raza ton bina nahio milda sabar,

teri raza ton bina nahio mildi kabar,

teri raza ch rehke chala likhan atte gaavan,

teri raza ch rehke ghar apna chalavan,

teri raza de sadke main pyar ena paavan,

teri raza naal haonsla vi kise da vdhavan,

teri raza samey de naal chalna sikhave,

teri raza tan har dukh dard bhulave,

teri raza hanere vich roshni dikhave,

teri raza nal jiona ena saokha hunda jave,

teri raza teri raza.

Song Details

Song – Raza
Singer – Hardeep Grewal
Music – R Guru
Lyrics – Hardeep Grewal
Label – Hardeep Grewal Music


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