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Immortal Lyrics – Wazir Patar

Immortal Lyrics  - Wazir Patar

Immortal Lyrics – Wazir Patar, is punjabi song sung by Wazir Patar from album ‘Street Knowledge’. Music of song ‘Immortal’ given by Wazir Patar, while lyrics of song ‘Immortal’ written by Pawan Dhanda and AR Paisley

Immortal Lyrics

Ay, yo, wazir!

Where you at?

I hope you ready, bro

’bout to light this bitch up

Yeah, you hear all that?

It’s fucked up out here!

Meri dark life da daur chale

Hoya rabb da ae farmaan

He suited up, he feelin’ like the mob

For p’s the uk to punjab

Hun kaaleyan’ di akh mere ‘te

Par meri akh anjaan

Yeah, so, posted to the block

I chill and smoke tree

My ❲?❳’s on the coke

Givin’ them hoes ❲?❳

Mere hood di poori class bole

Aithe jammde khabbi-khaan

Yeah, i don’t know you, but who know me

I’m stuck ’bout the grooves

With them kings and them gs

Mera naam top ‘te injh rave

Jive f1, vich afghan

Yeah, respect

It’s a brand new lambo’

Fresh off the lock

It’s glock 22

And it’s fresh at the box

Jehri karje hypnotize mainu

Aisi bani na koi rakaan

I’m in that blacked out drip

So you know that it’s tied

I ain’t caught up in the ❲?❳ takin’ care of my business

Mere naal kai uzi’yaan’ rakhde

Vairi bhejne kal shamshaan

Yeah, yeah, coming where i’m from with twenty mack-10s

Got my face covered by this orange brain ❲?❳

Meri zindagi monochrome dikhe

Lage aapne jeha jahaan

Yeah, i was gone for a bit

Now i’m back in the mix

I took a trip out of town

Now i’m back in the city

Mai jhukda khuda, jama agge

Jinha kadmaan’ vich jahaan

Yeah, 30 deep, poppin’ bottles on a friday

Sunday we cookin’ 250 on a highway

Kai chad’de sitaare, link jod’de

Dekh ke meri pehchaan

Keepin’ my head down

While i’m dippin’ through traffic

With 15 lbs and it’s smellin’ fantastic

Main’ aapne-aap ‘ch busy

Mera na horan’ wal dhayaan

200 bands and it’s wrapped in elastics

300 more in the ❲?❳

Geet lakhaunda pawan kolon’

Jihnde harfaan’ vich bagaam

Cappin’ on the internet

Bro i can’t stand it

How hoe grudges, i just walk through pass i

Mai immortal hitlist’an’ vich

Mera wazir sohaniye naam

Mera wazir sohaniye naam

Mera wazir sohaniye naam

Yo, wazir! tell ’em where you from, man!

Hello, what’s poppin’, son?

Yeah anything good, i’m in the hood

Where y’all at?

We in the hood too

What’s goin’ g you gotta meet me at theot

Ight, cool

Wazir in the hood!

Song Details

Song – Immortal
Singer – Wazir Patar and AR Paisley
Music – Wazir Patar
Lyrics – Pawan Dhanda and AR Paisley
Album – Street Knowledge
Label – Wazir Patar


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