MC Stan

Gender Lyrics – MC Stan

Gender Lyrics - MC Stan
Gender Lyrics – MC Stan

Gender Lyrics – MC Stan, is hindi song sung by Mc Stan from album ‘Insaan’. Music and lyrics of song ‘Gender’ given by MC Stan

Gender Lyrics

woh aa gaya, Dekho wo aa gaya

Ladki pe likhte nai kya malum kaiko,

Haq se meinn boluga tere muh pe

Baat meko yaad bhi nahi

baat meri aage ki, Bangayele kaise tumlog GAY

Kon mere saath mein nai aata nai baat mein nai

Ghaat mere saath, maine dekhela jail

Simple Si baat thi bi*ch, uh are my bae

Teko nai samjha toh kya bolu mein

Pyaar karta tujhe, aur kya karun mein

Tere lover ki chingdi, Tu bade bade le


Song Details

Song – Gender
Singer – MC Stan
Music – MC Stan
Lyrics – MC Stan
Album – Insaan
Label – MC Stan


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